New Classes for Winter/Spring 2019

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AM  8:00 – 12:00

Cause and Effect of Ethical Behavior

How you see yourself and how others see you are all wrapped up in ethical or unethical behavior. This simple fact pertains to agents, carriers, vendors, and consumers. There are important nuances regarding ethics.  Some of these nuances are more difficult to see with modern methods of communication. Behavioral topics discussed in this course will apply to both your professional and personal life. Let us give you some things to think about.


PM  12:00 – 4:00

Mock Trial

Possibly the most important topic in the world of insurance right now is healthcare. What is happening at the federal level? What is happening at the state level? What can be done about high out of pocket costs? What is the future of healthcare networks? What tools does the average consumer have to get the best value? What roles can agents play in making things better? These questions and more will be discussed. Bring your questions and we will get you the answers. It is time to fix healthcare! This course is approved for both property & casualty and heath & life insurance.