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Posted July 23, 2023 in Auto Insurance, Homeowners Coverage

Family Vacations

Family Vacations

The American tradition of a family vacation has been around for years. Half the fun is planning the trip. But there are insurance coverage issues to consider.

Auto Insurance

One of the best values in auto insurance is Emergency Roadside Service.

Most people who buy insurance online don’t realize that they should add this coverage. Here is what it typically covers:

  • Changing a flat tire anywhere, including out on the highway.
  • A tow to the nearest reasonable repair shop from anywhere.
  • A locksmith called to open your car if you or your kids lock your keys in the vehicle.
  • Gas delivered to you should you run out.

Rental Reimbursement coverage.

Having a vacation car breakdown can cause major headaches. The insured needs to get back home to work but must leave the broken-down vehicle where it is. A rental vehicle solves the problem.

Higher PIP Medical Limits

Vacations can take insureds out of the network that their health insurance pays for fully. Increased medical limits solves that in a very cost-effective way.

Rental Camper Endorsement

The rental agreements governing camper rental puts the responsibility on the family renting the unit. This endorsement takes care of that.

Homeowners Coverage

Coverage on Belongings

Every homeowner policy extends coverage on contents to anywhere in the world. Although there is only coverage for 10% of the policy limit on premise, there is still plenty of coverage for things like theft, contents damaged in an auto accident, or storms.

Medical Expense Coverage

This should really be called Guest Medical, because it covers everyone except those who meet the definition of an insured person. Hotel rooms, VRBO rentals, and campsites become the insured premise on a homeowner policy, due to the rental agreement which creates an insurable interest. An injured friend or relative can use this coverage to eliminate their out-of-pocket costs on their health insurance policy.